Welcome to Kalinka’s Bulldogs

Hi, I’m Kalinka and my story with the English Bulldog breed begins in 1998, the day or during a visit to a member of my family, I discovered a litter of 2 puppies …. my life was turned upside down … It was impossible for me to leave without having one, so I took both; unable to make a choice!

My passion for this breed remains unalterable. Endowed with an uncommon physique that is so fascinating. Of course, if you own an English Bulldog you feel the same way. They can be peaceful, calm, but also funny. All its features offer this breed an incomparable identity.

I am also very attached to the availability and advice, which I offer with great pleasure to buyers who choose to buy a puppy at home. I consider it legitimate to bring a real follow-up of the puppy after his placement, because I consider that the life of a baby Bully begins at that moment. I must admit that my commitment to the English Bulldog is such that my life is passionately dedicated to him. I try to maintain a humility that seems to me indispensable, to try to contribute to the improvement of this race so complex. I owe him that with regard to the happiness it brings me because more than a great pet dog …. for me, it’s a friend!

That sums up why I decided to create this website….a place where English Bulldog owners can get together and teach or learn from each other about this special breed of dog.

Here’s a funny picture of my English Bulldog, Calina enjoying the day outside reading some magazines and drinking tea.
Calina having a spa day